Shake Some Action The Mid-Eighties Garage Punk Scene in NYC

The Cheepskates at The Dive

A great site created by former Cheepskates member Dave Herrera with recollections and images from the NYC garage band scene at The Dive.

Garage Punk NYC

DJ Shimmy's site dealing with the current garage punk scene in NYC. Links, news and continuously updated gig listings by Capt Heartlock, Charles Gaskins and Drew Redmond.

Garage Hangover

Chas Kit's exhaustively detailed site on the 1960s groups that inspired the past and present garage punk scene.

Iron Leg Digital Trip #11

Great recollections from a former member of NJ's Phantom V, Larry Grogan, on the New Jersey mod/psych scene in the 80s. With photos by fan and former Maxwells soundman, Andy Peters.

Iron Leg Digital Trip #12

Larry Grogan's followup on the New York City garage band scene with more photos by Andy Peters.

Norton Records

Kicks Magazine honchos (and A-Bones members) Miriam Linna and the late Billy Miller's record label resurrecting vital sounds from the last six decades.